Closet London Cares

Closet London Cares is our sustainability programme and ethos that drives the business to monitor and minimise our impact on our environment and planet. It challenges us to think about what we do, why we do it and the impact of our actions. It covers our everyday processes, restricted substance lists and even extends to the electric company car.

We recognise as a business we are not perfect but aim to recycle, reuse and reduce our impact on the environment.


- Boxes are recycled after they are of no use, in the warehouse and distribution centre

100 /150kg / week. (5.2 / 7.8 tons / year)

- Investment in electronic lay plans has removed the use of cardboard from our pattern making and our grading process.


- Polypropylene (PP) bags that hold the product from the factory and patterns are recycled on a weekly basis.

-10kg/ week (260-520kg /year)

- Web orders are supplied in HDPE plastic bags can be used for deliveries, returns and recycled when finished.


- The introduction of a Product Line Management (PLM) system has increased the control of stock and reduced the use of paper by 80% in Head Office.

Fabric wastage is minimal, but any excess fabrics are used to make face masks, tote bags and book covers. Samples that do not make final selection for the brand, are resold at a yearly sample sale. Larger fabric swatches and sampling no longer required is donated to support local schools and creative workshops. Wooden pallets are returned to the transporters to be re-used.

Our head office is powered by British Gas lite. -56% of the energy supplied is from renewable resources.
Our warehouse is lit using low power LED lights.
Our restricted substances list reduces the amount of banned and restricted chemicals substances used in our products.
Washing instructions promote cleansing a product at lower temperatures with a saving of 38% energy
Zips and components are standardised to ensure they can be used on more than one style, minimising waste.
The company recognises the importance of GHG and has invested in an electric company car.

Recycle - Reuse - Reduce

Recycle - Reuse - Reduce