Fresh Blossom

Ah, those March days, where the sun shines bright yet the wind blows cold, offering a taste of both summer's warmth and winter's chill. It's a time when the world seems to embrace the light of spring while still lingering in the shadows of winter. Just like the budding flowers signalling the arrival of spring, our collection bursts forth with super-saturated pastels.

Picture pinks, lilacs, and purples dancing alongside greens and varying blues, from the soft tones of the sky to the boldness of royal blue spring garden. But it's not just about colours; it's about the prints too. Our pretty florals aren't meant to be hyper-realistic; instead, they embody an artist's interpretation of flowers, with a messy, hand-painted quality reminiscent of watercolours.

Think lots of dresses suitable for every occasion, whether it's work, socializing, or celebrating life's moments. But we haven't stopped there. We've also added trend-led separates that inject a pop of colour and a sense of optimism into your closet, because who doesn't need a little extra brightness in their wardrobe?

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