A Story is Born at Closet London

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in our London Design Room? We invite you to explore the journey of each and every piece of Closet London clothing has before it's delivered to your door. From the initial brainstorming to the final fitting, a conscious effort is put in by the entire Design Team to not only create a piece of clothing, but also a story.

Choosing the Perfect Fabrics

The first step of any new collection is cultivating the mood, our Head Designer carefully handpicks the perfect prints to emulate a feeling or theme whilst keeping fashion trends in mind. Once our hero prints have been chosen, the design team then focus on a particular colour palette and start to build the collection curating fabrics from a variety of mills located in Europe. These long established mills have a rich history and are renowned for their high quality, which is something we take pride in.

Sketching the Designs

Once the fabrics have been chosen it's time for our Designer to get sketching the initial designs. It's a tactile process whereby the materials inspire the Design Team to imagine how and where you will want to wear the fabric. It's a collaborative process to evolve the sketches according to new trends and develop our signature styles for the new season whilst keeping our customer at the heart of the decision process.

Sampling the Design

It is time to turn the sketches into reality. Our skilled design team spend countless hours putting together the paper patterns by hand for every style, meticulously giving attention to detail to each millimetre to achieve the ideal fit. A first sample is then made in the chosen fabric and the style is presented in the showroom.

Building a Cohesive Collection

As the line evolves from sketches to physical garments, the design team keeps a close eye on the overall look and feel of the collection. They make sure that they are satisfied with the number of prints, plains and variation of styles, all based on the mood that they are trying to achieve. Once the showroom is filled with a beautiful new collection, we invite external buyers to view the collection which then determines which pieces make the final cut.

Fitting for Consistency

Once we have the final collection, fittings begin. Before sending the designs out for production, we pay careful attention to make sure that the fit of our clothing is just right at any size. We choose to do fittings with two size 12 fit models, a mid-range size. We think this is the best option to ensure that our proportions are as accurate and consisent as possible across all sizing options.

Let the Production Begin

Detailed technical instructions are sent to our expert manufacturers, based largely in London with a small run also in Morocco, for final approved pre-production samples. Throughout the making process each style is seen by our Garment Technician and Quality Control. We take pride in the fact that our collections are produced as a limited run, which allows us to focus on the quality of the goods and ensure you're getting a one-of-a-kind piece to wear.

Final Touches

In order to wrap up the entire process, the collection is given a name and our hero pieces photographed and videoed to create a stunning campaign to tell the story of our inspiration behind the styles. Finally, the products become available for purchase by women like you. From start to finish there is a story written into every stitch, a story that is up to you to bring to life.